Are the products swiss made?

All our products are subject to the strict swiss made rules. The milled mountain shapes, wood and stone as well as the magnetic clock are of Swiss origin.

Why does my delivered product not match the illustration?

All models are unique pieces made of stone or wood. Each piece of wood / stone has a different grain and texture. Therefore, the delivered model may differ from what is shown. Any pictures listed on our website serve as examples for illustration.

Can my clock made of stone or wood change over time?

Yes, wood and stone, from which our products are made, are natural products. Depending on external influences such as light, room temperature, heat, humidity and location, the color, shape, texture and appearance of our products may change

Why the engraving is limited to 120 characters only?

Due to the limited area on the back, a maximum of 120 characters can be engraved. However, this is enough to write a great dedication.

What font is used for the engraving?

We use Arial with font size 16pt.

Where can I exchange the battery of the magnetic clock?

You can have the battery changed at a watchmaker or at a watch service.

How can I clean my Time 361 clock?

The stone and wooden clocks can be easily wiped clean with a slightly damp cloth. The use of detergent is not recommended as it may damage the surface.

Where can I buy more Ricola?

Supplies of Ricola Glacier Mint are available at usual grocery stores and at Ricola’s points of sale worldwide. Visit www.ricola.com for more information.

How and where can I place my order?

You can either place your order online through our website or by visiting a dealer of your choice. Please note that the availability may vary at the different locations. The whole range of products is only available online.

How can I change an order?

Your order will be processed and prepared for shipping upon receipt. Please contact us immediately to check if we can accept a change for your order.

How can I cancel my order?

Your order will be processed and prepared for shipping upon receipt. Please contact us immediately to check if we can accept a cancellation for your order.

Where can I enter a voucher code?

You can enter and redeem a voucher code easily during the ordering process. Only one voucher is accepted per order

Why does my voucher code not work?

Please verify beforehand if the voucher is still valid. Should you not find any discrepancies, please contact us directly.

Where can I find information on resale conditions?

Please contact us directly for rebates and big orders.

Where can I see the products?

On our website we have illustrated and explained all our products. You can find a list of dealers and partners on our website through store locator

How long does the delivery take?

Your order will be processed and shipped upon receipt and after confirmation of payment. Unless stated otherwise the estimated delivery time takes between 3 – 5 working days. You will get an order confirmation with a tracking number once we have dispatched the order to our logistic partner. In the unlikely event that your order is not on stock, you will be notified. Please pay attention to the availability of the products.

How much is the delivery charge?

The delivery charge is included in the price.

Where do we ship our products?

Generally we ship our products worldwide. In the event that geopolitical reasons restrict a delivery, we will contact you directly to find a solution.

Can I also pick-up my order?

Yes, our team in Dittingen welcomes you to pick up your order. Contact us to arrange the desired pick-up date.

What payment options are available in the webshop?

In our online shop you can pay your order conveniently via PayPal or bank transfer. Please note that the order will only be processed after full payment has been received. In addition, the bill can also be paid in cash on pickup in Dittingen where you will also receive the invoice. Payment at the dealers is subject to their provisions.

What taxes are added to my order?

Deliveries to another country than Switzerland are subject to additional taxes and duties. These will be charged through our logistics partner directly.

How long is the warranty for my clock?

The warranty is valid two years from the date of delivery. With your delivery you also get a warranty card. Together with the invoice this represents the guarantee proof.

Is there a refund policy?

Yes, please contact us immediately, within 5 days, in the unlikely event that you got the wrong or a malfunctioning clock.