About Us

The story

Time 361® has set itself the goal to bring all alpinists, climbers, hikers, or simply mountain lovers, their favourite mountain peak home or to work. With our Time 361® stone and wooden timepieces, you can always take a short mental escape to the alpine mountains, refreshing your memories of past moments.

With Glacier Mint from Ricola, the well-known Swiss herbal sugar manufacturer, you can almost sense the alpine freshness , allowing you to make a brief mental escape to your favourite summit, whether you are at home or at work, in Switzerland, or elsewhere in the world.

After several years of exciting development, the Time 361® brand was protected and the Seven Elements GmbH company was founded in the spring of 2018. The Time 361®brand is setting new trends in the domestic and global clock market.

The brand

The Time 361® brand addresses not only the infinity of time (360 ° = 1 hour), but also puts unlimited views from around and over the mountains in focus. Even the smallest details of the individual mountain massifs are easy to discover.

Just like the slogan “A Piece Of Switzerland”, great value is placed on Swiss Made. The procurement and processing of the wood and stone takes place exclusively in Switzerland. The magnetic clock is a high quality Swiss quartz clockwork, and all print media are also produced in Switzerland.

For the creation of the base model, the latest GPS data are used to guarantee an exact replica of the three massifs. The design of all editions is registered and protected.

The philosophy

Seven Elements GmbH (owner of the Time 361® brand) is driven by the following seven factors in its daily quest for innovative products, customer satisfaction and a healthy corporate culture, which also has given the company its name:

  • Design
  • Uniqueness
  • Stability
  • Sustainability
  • Passion
  • Quality
  • Vision

Our thinking and actions are strongly influenced by the factors mentioned above, because the combination of all of these individual points ultimately lead to the success of our company.